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Our Mission

To protect and improve environment and all living beings by providing solution to environmental problems combining the technological innovation with indigenous knowledge.

Our Vision

A world of clean, green, healthy and protected environment fostering sustainable society and economy.

Our Way to Sustainability

Protecting our natural environment, human and ecological health through by reducing our demand on natural resources through innovation and practices.

Think, Live and spread Green

Environment plays a very important role in survival of living beings. The beautiful life on Earth is only possible because of it's environment. A healthy environment is very crucial for a healthy life of living beings. Environment not only provides us with resources required for survival, but also protects us from various threats.

Unfortunately, the greed of human has resulted in environmental degradation and pollution affecting all living beings and destroying the beauty of environment.

Let us all work together and act responsibly for a clean and green environment towards a sustainable future for all.

Care for Environment

Save the Future


We organise activities on environmental awareness, ecocamps, plantation drives and many other environmental programs in different parts of the country.
You are more than welcome to join us in our different environmental initiatives.


Our Services

Green Innovation

Green innovation is very important for sustainable development.We are engaged in development of eco-friendly technologies,products and services optimizing use of natural resources.

Waste Management Solutions

Saiñdur Enviro in collaboration with our international waste management solution experts, provide best and effective ways to manage your waste.


We are engaged in restoring and reviving degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems and habitats in the environment as a result of natural and/or anthropogenic activities.

Environmental Monitoring

Want to monitor the quality of environment, use the environmental monitoring systems designed by Saiñdur Enviro to monitor different environmental parameters like air, water, soil.

Environmental Consultancy

We provide compliance consultation that ensures in cases where the client has to maintains an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We provide a complete environmental assessment solution with suitable environmental management plans and strategies for any developmental projects

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Plastic Pollution - A Global Killer of Environment and Living Beings

Plastic has become the ubiquotous material which mother nature cannot digest. Single-use plastics have proven to be an eye-opening example of our throw-away society, they after use are forgotten leaving a terrible legacy. Discarded single-use plastic products are responsible for widespread environmental destruction polluting land, river and ocean, claiming millions of lives every year. Microplastics have proved to be more dangerous finding it's way into the food chain, has also reached in the food items we consume daily.

Plastic carry bags have led to environmental havoc choking rivers, polluting land and oceans, are often mistaken for food by animals. According to UN Environment, five trillion plastic bags are used world-wide which is 1,60,000 plastic carry bags per second. The number is increasing every year.

We should explore ecofriendly options to save environment and living beings from the wrath of plastic pollution. Let's all join our hands in fight against plastic pollution for a clean and green environment.

Our Products

SEOB U-Cut Shopping Bag

100% compostable and eco-friendly shopping bag for carrying fruits and vegetables.

SEOB D-Cut Shopping Bag

Shopping has become easy with 100% compostable and eco-friendly shopping bag.

SEOB Garbage Bag

Collect and dispose garbage now in more eco-friendly way using 100% compostable garbage bags.

SEOB Sapling Bag and Pouches

We offer 100% compostable sapling bags and pouches.

SEOB Packaging Material

For the first time 100% compostable and ecofriendly packaging solution for edible/non-edible products packaging.

SE Ecofriendly Dinner Set

We offer a complete range of ecofriendly dinner set made up of Sugarcane Bagasse and Areca bark to serve meal .

SE Ecofriendly Sandwich Container

We offer biodegradable and ecofriendly Sugarcane Bagasse packaging containers for packaging various food items.

SE EcoCup

Drink coffee in ecofriendly and reusable SE Ecocup made up of Bamboo.

Why should we use SE Organic BagTM

SE Organic BagTM is the most promising solution to the problem of plastic pollution. The bags are made up of biodegradable polymers derived from renewable sources. It is 100% compostable and eco-friendly. The bags get composted in standard compostable conditions as a result of microbial action and provide nutrition to plants. The bags are certified by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB, India) and are ISO 17088 compliant.

The bags are designed to hold up to 7 kg weight. Dustbin-liner ranges of SE Organic BagTM can hold upto 15 L. The bags are leakage proof and can be used to carry wet materials. Want to watch how zero plastic bags are different from plastic carry bags, Click Here

Let's save environment and living beings by saying no to plastic carry bags and YES to SE Organic BagTM

SEOB Dinner Set

Eco-friendly plates, bowls, food trays and sandwich containers made up of sugarcane bagasse and areca bark.

SE EcoCups

Drink coffee in eco-friendly bamboo cups crafted with love and care by the indigenous tribes of Meghalaya.


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Dr. Vincent Darlong

May 2, 2020, India

Saindur Enviro, is an innovative local start-up by youths that dream green, love green, think green and act green through its products, services and activities; it's signature initiative --- the compostable SE Organic Bag --- is a promising option to 'zero plastic, zero waste'.


Mamta Deb

April 26, 2020, India

Life began in organic molecules whereas many lives end due to plastic. What else it requires to understand the importance of SE Organic Bags. Extend your support to expand the use of SE products.


Kirandeep Kaur

May 5, 2020, India

Keeping the world clean and green! It's so easy to change a few small habits to make an impact. Just wanted to congratulate Saindur Enviro for their fantastic products and services.As a consumer concerned with keeping this earth "Green" appreciate your company's value towards nature.☘️ Unlike some other brands, you all seem to hold up really well and do not leak!


Upstar Khongngain

June 30, 2019, India

I am really happy to use SE Organic Bag of Saindur Enviro. I tested the by burning it and was shocked to see ashes, similar to burning paper. I think it will really help us in winning the battle against plastic pollution by carry bags and plastic wrappers.

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